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:00 now in japan. i want to direct you to our special earthquake section. at you can find all the latest information on this massive earthquake. then of course to the tsunami. now we're worried about radiation. it's spread from four reactors in the nuclear plant along japan's northeast coast. despite there have been some stories today of success. traffic stretched for miles. as panicked citizens try to flee the area surrounding the stricken fukushima nuclear facility. this man says nobody tells us, the citizens, what is really happening. fire broke out at the reactor number four while an explosion at reactor two prompted fears, cracks in the containment vessel allowed radioactive material to seep out. >> i think we're very close to the point of no return. they are not ready for the eventuality of an uncontrolled breach of containment. >> reporter: the situation is so serious officials did something they had not done up until this point. send most of their workers home. government officials immediately issued instructions, at the height of the exposure alarmingly high radiation
military operations. >>> to catch up with the latest from japan. officials continue to struggle to control the damaged nuclear plants. jamie costello has more. >> reporter: a reminder, go to and we have our earthquake and tsunami japan page set up for you. we have how you can donate to the american red cross, some of the headlines, but here, the tweets, you can't keep your eyes off it. it just passed over, they are in search of, in japan, 300 interpreters, looking for 300 interpreters, and there's a shortage of medicine for the elderly in japan. the key containment of the nuclear plant is getting the power back on. so cooling systems can be turned back on today in japan. at the fukushima nuclear power plant a pool of spent fuel rods in reactor 2 that had been close to the boiling point earlier now appears to be cooling producing fears more nuclear steam could be released. workers managed to reconnect all six damaged reactors there to the power grid. >> they are not turning on the pumps yet. the media gets it wrong. they connected the wires to the pumps but haven't turned the
washed away. they fear that the death toll will rise. >>> devastation in japan. the biggest earthquake in that country's history erupted and triggered an enormous tsunami. it carried away ships and homes and triggered fire -- fires. officials are afraid that the death toll could climb very high. we're live with the latest. >> reporter: good evening, this defense -- defense stating earthquake -- this devastating earthquake was actually an aftershock. >> reporter: it hit at 2:46 local time in the middle of a busy workday. it was a monster earthquake. >> this is the 5th largest to be recorded since the beginning of the 20th century. >> reporter: this was in a local government office in the city of sendai. this was a local air terminal where the ceiling collapsed. hundreds of miles away in tokyo, hundreds were trapped as the city shook. this man explained the terror. >> i don't know if i can get down the stairs. i could die here. >> reporter: for those by the coast, the worst was yet to come, a tsunami triggered by the quake. hundreds and perhaps thousands have been killed. boats broke awa
regarding john hopkins. >>> now let's get to continuing coverage of devastation in japan. officials have temporarily pulled workers from one of the plants fearing for the workers who have stayed beyond to try to save their country. jimmy joins us live from our interactive newscenter with the latest. >> i will direct you to our website right now as we follow the latest development out of japan. on this special section, we have the american red cross, youtube video, the crisis, but the tweets that we are getting, you just cannot take your eyes off of it. it's very interesting. it has been coming in from like ryan seacrest, starbuck is donating. you have to be very careful because some of these are very opinionated. again, read that. now let's get to the news of the day over in japan. let's roll the story. >>reporter: a fire broke out at reactor number 4 for the second time in 24 hours sending radiation levels soaring. you can see a big hole in the reactor, large portions collapsed. and there may now be damage to all three containment vessels meant to prevent the radiation from escaping. >>
was recovering from back surgery. >>> and in and out latest developments out of japan tonight. the u.s. said it could take weeks to bring the japanese nuclear complex under control. but there's no danger from leaking radiation to the western united states or specific territories right now. u.s. officials are defending their 50-mile evacuation zone for american troops and citizens in japan. the first evacuation flight of u.s. citizens left japan this afternoon. >>> a group of pastors in georgia are making a pretty big sacrifice for lent. the men are not just giving up red meat, they are eating easy to ship rice and protein based food. pastor nathaniel long has been appalled to what those give in a disaster. >> most of the time you collect foods for disasters and as a pastor, i'm appalled that folks are getting stuff that they don't want to eat. >> you start taking smaller and smaller bites trying to make it last longer. a cup and a half doesn't look like much, but it fills you up. >> pastors have been on this for five days. the real goal is to help others. the men want to spread awareness a
to continuing coverage of that devastation in japan. the clean-up continues where aftershocks and possibility of a nuclear meltdown still threatens those in the quake zone. jamie costello has the latest. >> reporter: this is where diane sawyer is going to be reporting at 6:30 live from sendai, a town. i want to show you the before -- i want to bring this out a little. this is the before picture of the town. this is the the after shok. look at this. nothing there. there was nothing there. the death toll is nearly 2,000 from the earthquake and tsunami and there are reports that many bodies washing ashore in the area hardest hit. what you're seeing is an aftershock. the sheer force splitting the road. it's easy to see why these constant aftershocks, 200 since the initial earthquake are prompting concerns about a possible second tsunami. the first was devastating enough. new images capture the catastrophic wall of water rising as high as 30 feet swallowing everything in its path. survivors still can't believe they made it out alive. this man escaped with his family, with the home he lived in for
with congestive heart failure. jamie costello abc2 news. >>> to our continuing coverage of japan. there have been several setbacks at the country's nuclear power plant. all this while the drinking water in tokyo has been deemed unsafe for infants. tests of the tap water show radiation at two times the limit of what's safe. the water department warned that infants especially should not drink that public water. the government is asking residents not to hoard the bottled water. >> the big risk here is to nursing women, pregnant women and the infants. so if you're using it in adults where the risk is much lower you're going to run out. you don't want to mix up formula with this water. you don't want nursing women to have this water. >> to the nuclear crisis more smoke poured out of the nuclear plant and work at the number the reactor has been stopped. fda is blocking all martin luther king, jr. products fruits and vegetables coming into the u. s. from japan not even sending them through the radiation screening process. >>> a christian church in japan is pitching in to help a member of the grace ba
.s. commander to another coalition leader coming up. >>> and now, let's get caught up from japan. workers are struggling to bring the nuclear plant under control. the u.s. commission said they may be getting closer. jamie costello has the latest. >> reporter: crews from the plant continue to work to restore electricity to the cooling system. >> reporter: it appears that japan caught a break earlier today. >> the source of the smoke is unknown. there's no increase in temperature and radioactivity. >> reporter: there's progress. high voltage power is reconnected making it possible to restart the cooling system. the job of preventing another meltdown is far from over. >> it continues to be very serious. >> reporter: more than 13,000 are reported missing since the earthquake and tsunami 11 days ago. this man discovered the body of his wife. >> at least the body is found. >> reporter: he's still looking for his spouse. she believes her husband is safe somewhere, but she's afraid he could be suffering. there's concern over radiation that's leaked into the food supply. the world health organizat
for you coming up. >>> now let's get the latest from japan. the the prime minister says the situation at the fukushima nuclear complex remains unpredictable and the country remains in a state of maximum alert the spread of radiation is raising concerns about the ability of experts to stabilize the crippled reactor complex. the number of dead from the earthquake and tsunami now passed 11,000. >>> the maryland public interest research group says the nuclear crisis in japan is a clear example of why nuclear power isn't worth the risk. the group says there's a history of safety problems at nuclear reactorses in the u.s. according to a new report there have been four serious incidents since 1990 at knew -- knew clier power plants. >>> toyota warns u.s. car dealers to stop ordering placement parts in japan because it's concerned about running out. a list of replacement parts is available that shouldn't be ordered unless the customer needs one for repair. including brake loaders, body panels and shock absorbers, mainly for the prius gas/electric hybrid and hybrid versions of the highlander s
next. you can also sign up for e-mail news alerts. >>> now, for more in japan. tokyo is wrestling with fares of water taps. japanese officials warned people not to drink the water after test results showed levels that shot up above safe levels. there's an isotope in the water known to cause cancer. restrictions were then lifted. the governor says that the water is safe. he drank an entire glass. meanwhile, two firefighters were rush to the hospital with radiation burns on their hands and their feet. >> these workers had contact with highly radioactive water and feet and touching their skin. they'll come down with radiation burns. some of them may not come out of this accident alive. >> even happy occasions are marked by mourning. students here were solemn and the graduation was held at a hard hit area. all students survived. >>> an expressway in japan connecting tokyo and the quake stricken north east has reopened. at first, only emergency vehicles were allowed to travel, now, late today, the ban was lifted and also, express bus services between the airport and some other cities h
. we need to get both jobs accomplished. >> reporter: japan's prime minister acknowledged, it's the worst disaster in the nation's history. however, he urged his people to carry on, saying, we cannot let ourselves be overcome by this quake and tsunami. abc news. >>> a south florida inventor is donating hi-tech gear. more than 200 safety suits are in the country already. the safety suits are in high demand. they're made of a special material called demron. the company, radiation shield technology is working to manufacture all of the orders coming in from companies. >>> nissan is scanning vehicles for traces of radioactive materials. there's no risk of contaminations and no health risks to customers. the testing began because of public concerns. several facilities are suspended. >>> well, for the first time since the quake hit in japan, we're able to hear the earthquake. listen to this. [mumbling sound] >>> that was captured by underwater radios. >>> this man turned to coroner and he could see a wall of water. he had no choice but to keep driving. the water was more than 6 feet
but didn't exactly put it into the trash bin. >>> now the latest developments from japan. officials stress there's no threat to the public after traces of plutonium were found in the soil outside the crippled nuclear reactor. plutonium is a key ingredient in nuclear weapons. it's also present in the fuel used at the complex which has been leaking radiation for more than two weeks. workers also found new pools of radioactive water leaking from that plant. >>> it was 32 years ago today that the worst nuclear disaster in the u.s. history happened in pennsylvania. the core of the three mile island nuclear plant, 10 miles south of harrisburg had a partial meltdown. when the crisis ended five days later relatively small amounts of radiation escaped from the plant. there was no immediate threat but the accident had a huge impact on the nuclear industry leading to more stringent standards. the accident is marked by a vigil each year and this year, as you would imagine, dedicated to the victims of japan's earthquake and tsunami. >>> as we continue to watch what is happening in japan the nuclear reg
crisis in japan is weighing concerns about the food supply. more on the scare that has shoppers confused about what is really safe to eat. >>> and groupon. you know the special coupons, if you aren't careful, you could spend more than you thought that. story ahead and much more on abc2 news at 5:30. 3q sam higgins... you have frequent heartburn, right ? yeah, it flares up a few days a week. well, we're the two active ingredients in zegerid otc. i'm omeprazole, the leading prescription heartburn medicine. and i'm sodium bicarbonate. i protect him from stomach acid so he can get to work. look, guys, i've already tried a lot of stuff. wow. with zegerid otc, you get 24-hour relief. so, this is goodbye heartburn ? gone. finito. zegerid otc. two ingredients... mission. heartburn solved. >>> now abc2 news at 5:30. >>> it's opening day for baseball around the world, but japanese players are taking an extended offseason to help others out. and a local school is in the national spotlight. why randallstown high has major bragging rights tonight. >>> and going to the movie theater isn't the s
for abc news. >>> a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shakes up japan, it even triggered a small tsunami. no reports of damages or injuries. now the quake did cause buildings to sway in tokyo, which is about 260 miles southwest of the quake's epicenter. according to reports, the shaking lasted for as long as 3 minutes. >>> to severe weather pounding the atlantic cold front. people from delaware to massachusetts are dealing with floods after getting hit with snow then rain. they are bracing for more wet weather tonight. the hardest hit may be new jersey where leaders have already declared a state of emergency. >> i think the problem is the rain, snow melt, the dam up river. it never used to get this bad. >> in connecticut firefighters used boats to rescue stranded people from the rising waters. meteorologists are calling for yet another round of rain tonight just after rivers crest from these last storms. >>> all right. let's get into it. we've got multiple flood watches upstate wide where you see these enhanced green shaded counties this is a flood watch and coastal flood advisory al
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